The Ministry of Internal Affairs presented the Strategy of De-occupation of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine. We widely published it in the mass media and continued to distribute it in the form of booklets to people living on both sides of the demarcation line.  This document started a wide public debate: it was supported and denied, praised and abused, and many comments and suggestions were made.  It is very good! Today I want to define the RED LINES - the... more

Arsen Avakov: Due to the liquidation of the shadow schemes at the customs, the budget will receive about US$ four billion

The Minister of Internal Affairs proposed the Government to pass a bill returning the criminal responsibility for the smuggling of goods to Ukraine and urgently present it for consideration by the Verkhovna Rada.  Arsen Avakov reminded that the smuggling of goods was decriminalized during the Yanukovich Presidency and this caused the state budget to lose billions of hryvnias. "We are the only country in Europe where smuggling is decriminalized.  We must put an end to this by developing and submitting... more


German Wiederherstellung der Souveränität und territorialer Integrität des Landes, Deokkupation und Reintegration von temporär besetzten Gebieten – ist die strategische Schlüsselaufgabe, die vor der Ukraine steht.   Sachstand heute Heute existiert die einzige gegenwärtige Plattform zur Suche des Lösungsformates – "Abkommen von Minsk", unterzeichnet am 5. September 2014 unter der Beteiligung von den internationalen Vermittlern. Dieses Dokument, gerichtet auf die Deeskalation des bewaffneten Konfliktes, ausgelöst durch militärische Aggression seitens der Russischen Föderation, spielte ohne Zweifel die wichtigste Rolle zu seiner... more

Ukraine in a situation of turbulence: between the hybrid war and the hybrid peace. The small steps mechanism

Following the speech of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov at the IX National Expert Forum "Ukraine in a situation of turbulence" Kiev, June 07, 2018   Today, not only Ukraine but, in fact, the entire world lives in the situation of turbulence.  The world community is in a dual state - between the hybrid world and the hybrid peace. This fact is reflected, first of all, in existing approaches to conflict resolution both between subjects of... more

Stratégie de restauration de l’intégrité de L’ukraine et de désoccupation du Donbas. «Mecanisme des Petits Pas» (French)

French  La restauration de la souveraineté et de l'intégrité territoriale du pays, la désoccupation et la réintégration des territoires temporairement occupés sont des objectifs stratégiquesclé pour l'Ukraine. Situation actuelle Aujourd'hui, il existe une seule plate-forme moderne de recherche d’une solution – les accords de Minsk, signés le 5 septembre 2014 avec la participation de médiateurs internationaux. Ce document, destiné à désamorcer le conflit armé provoqué par l'agression militaire de la Fédération de Russie, a, sans aucun doute, joué un rôle... more

Strategy of restoration of the integrity of Ukraine and de-occupation of the Donbass. “SMALL STEPS MECHANISM”

Restoring the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, de-occupation,and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories is a key strategic task facing Ukraine.   Facts as for today Today, there is the only current platform for looking for the format of the solution: it is the Minsk Agreement, signed on September 5, 2014, with the participation of international mediators. This document, aimed at de-escalation of the armed conflict caused by military aggression by the Russian Federation, undoubtedly played an exceptionally... more

Collaborationism and amnesty. The need for public dialogue

De-occupation of some areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and the return of the population of these territories to the Ukrainian legal framework will inevitably face the Ukrainian society and the Ukrainian state with the question of collaborationism. Who and how should determine the status of each person who survived the occupation, his/her guilt or innocence and degree of liability? Who should be brought to justice and how the collaboration with the enemy has to be punished?  What is the... more

Kollaborationismus und Amnestie. Die Notwendigkeit des Gesellschaftsdialogs (German)

German Arsen Awakow Die Deokkupation die einzelnen Bezirke von Gebieten Donezk und Lugansk und die Rückkehr der Bevölkerung dieser Territorien in das Rechtsraum der Ukraine wird unumgänglich vor der ukrainischeren Gesellschaft und vor dem ukrainischen Staat die Frage der Kollaborationismus stellen. Wer und wie soll über den Status, das Vorhandensein und Grad der Verantwortung/der Unschuld jedes einzelnen Mensch, der die Besatzung überlebte, entscheide? Wer soll vor Gericht stehen und welche Strafe verdient die Kooperation mit dem Feind? Wie ist der... more

Collaborationnisme et amnistie (French)

La desoccupation de certaines régions de Donetsk et de Lougansk et le retour de ces territoires avec leur population dans le droit juridique soulѐve inévitablement la question de collaborationnisme devant la société ukrainienne et l`Etat ukrainien. Qui et comment devrait determiner le statut, la disponibilité et la mesure de la responsabilité de chaque personne qui a survécu l`occupation? Qui devrait  être jugé et quelle punition mérite pour la collaboration avec l`ennemi? Comment est la responsabilité de chacun de ceux qui... more

Arsen Avakov: MIA units are ready to ensure public safety during the final match of the Champions League

Today, on May 18, 2018, the Minister of Internal Affairs met with representatives of the countries participating in the final match of the Champions League:  Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain Ms.Silvia Cortes Martin and British Ambassador to Ukraine Ms.Judith Goff. "The units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are fully prepared to ensure public safety during the final match of the Champions League.  We will engage about 12 thousand law enforcement officers including six thousand police officers, three thousand... more

Arsen Avakov: The National Guard of Ukraine is expanding cooperation with the Canadian Armed Forces in the field of military training

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of National Defense and the Armed Forces of Canada signed a technical agreement on cooperation.  The main areas of such cooperation are an improvement of logistics, tactical medicine, combat, engineering and language training of fighters. Today, on May 18, 2018, Yuri Allerov, the head of the NGU, and William Seymour, the Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff Operations, Canadian Joint Operations Command, signed a technical agreement in the presence of... more

Arsen Avakov: Dirty political corruption must be stopped! NPU has started the investigation of a smear campaign against the prime minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk

The Main Investigation Department of the National Police started criminal proceedings on the fact of interference in the activities of Arseniy Yatsenyuk as prime minister of Ukraine to discredit him and to attain his resignation.   This investigation was launched after a number of publications in the mass media and appeals from people's deputies of Ukraine. The investigation is considering a conspiracy of a group of persons for the realization of their criminal intent. According to preliminary estimates, these individuals committed... more