Arsen Avakov announced the beginning of the second stage of his charity event, in which the politician donates lots from his wine collection, gathered more than ten years ago at wine auctions in London and New York. Charitable contributions are directed to the purchase of winter tactical boots for soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine. The politician said that as a result of the first stage of the action, more than 4 million... more

Arsen Avakov: 1 bottle from wine collection – 100 army boots for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Arsen Avakov sells his wine collection to buy tactical shoes for the Ukrainian military. The politician published the details of the charity event in his Telegram channel. "1 bottle of wine from the collection allowed us to buy 100 army boots for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The first experiment went well. Now I expect to sell more wine for the same purpose to receive several million hryvnias more. Wine from my small collection, mostly formed back in 2011 (some... more

I do not believe in Zelensky’s second term – Arsen Avakov (Video)

The Ex-Minister of Internal Affairs stated that in order to be re-elected in the next presidential election, the incumbent head of state needs to change the management structure, which Volodymyr Zelensky is "not ready for." Arsen Avakov said this in his interview to online platform the Ukrainian Pravda. "In order to get a second term, he (Volodymyr Zelensky - Ed.) needs to seriously change the management structure that he is building in the state. It seems to me that he... more

Politicians must learn how to find a common ground. The future of Ukraine depends on it – Arsen Avakov (Video)

The Ex-Minister of Internal Affairs stated that he would make every effort to create a platform where all conscious politicians could agree on the future of the country. He stated it in his interview to the online platform "Ukrainian Pravda", answering questions about political plans for the future. "I will pay attention, but not to the projects, not to my own party or the party of the fast-growing Razumkov, or the party of Volodymyr Groysman. I want to make sure... more

The National Security and Defense Council became a reflection of President Zelensky’s vision of the ideal power structure – Arsen Avakov (Video)

President Zelensky has fallen into a trap and it is very difficult for him to get out of it, stated the ex-minister in his interview to Ukrainian Pravda "This trap happened when the parliamentary elections took place and we received a mono-majority. And suddenly there was no balance left: "I can do everything." And if we take a closer look at this form of government, we will look into the past. Because what is happening there is pure communism, “said... more

Verkhovna Rada has accepted the resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov

Today, July 15, the parliament accepted the resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov. Two hundred and ninety-one people's deputies voted affirmatively. On July 13, Arsen Avakov tendered his resignation from the post of the Minister of Internal Affairs under Part 1 of Article 18 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine". The minister thanked the MIA team, every officer, soldier, and employee, for years of joint work. On July 14,... more

Arsen Avakov: Thanks for the years of working together to every officer, soldier, and employee! I am proud of our team!

Today, on July 14, the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov awarded 84 employees of the MIA system with orders, medals, departmental insignia; law enforcement officers were awarded honorary titles.  The Minister congratulated attendees with awards and thanked the entire large team of MIA system employees for their service. "Dear friends, officers, sergeants, employees, on behalf of the state of Ukraine, I have the honor to present state awards to you - the best of the best.  Thank you for... more

Arsen Avakov: by the end of the year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will receive 26 Airbus helicopters

The ministry expects to receive 18 more helicopters for the MIA Unified airborne public safety and security system next year.  Arsen Avakov said this during a meeting with a delegation of the Airbus Group, which took place today, on June 3, at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The event was attended by the Director-General of Ukroboronprom Yuriy Gusev and Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Yulia Sviridenko. The parties discussed the progress in implementing... more

Arsen Avakov: Ukraine and Italy are preparing a new Agreement on mutual recognition and exchange of driving licenses

In June 2021, the Co-Chairman of the Ukrainian-Italian Interstate Government Commission, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, will discuss a new Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Driving Licenses at a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Italian Republic Luigi Di Maio. At this stage, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Italy are finalizing the mutual approval of a new version of the Agreement, which will guarantee the... more

Arsen Avakov: After two years of implementation, the “Gromada police officer” project enjoys the population’s trust of 70%!

Two years ago, the project "Gromada police officer" (POG) was launched in Ukraine, and now 442 police officers already live and work in 279 territorial communities (gromadas) with a total population of almost 3.5 million people. The level of trust in the POG officers is 70%.  The Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov announced this today, May 28, on his Twitter page. Не informed that 199 future POG officers are currently undergoing training.  By the end of 2022, the project... more

Arsen Avakov: Ukraine and Great Britain introduce a simplified procedure for the exchange of national driver’s licenses

Today, May 20, the "The Driving Licenses Order 2021” Act comes into force in the UK, according to which every citizen of Ukraine legally residing in the UK will be able to exchange his/her Ukrainian driver's license for a similar UK document without passing exams.  The Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov wrote about this on his Twitter page. According to the "The Driving Licenses (Exchangeable Licences) Order 2021” Act, Ukraine is now included in the list of so-called "Designated... more

After the appeal of Arsen Avakov and the transfer of materials from the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Italian police detained the pro-Russian militant

As part of Operation Lone Wolf, the Italian police opened criminal proceedings against a 50-year-old Italian citizen, a former police officer from the city of Cagliari, who fought in the Donetsk region as a member of the pro-Russian illegal armed groups. In 2015, he already came to the attention of the Italian law enforcement bodies who were investigating the participation of Italian citizens as mercenaries in illegal armed groups in eastern Ukraine.  Then he managed to escape punishment - he... more