I love books; I like to read. I have a large library of great publications – tens of thousands of books. It includes works of art and encyclopedias, classical and contemporary authors, exclusive publications and multi-volume series.


From all kinds of literature, I emphasize science fiction/fantasy. The unlimited flight of thought and imagination always attracts me. In those rare moments when I have an opportunity to spend time alone with a book, I am happy to dip into the world of fantasy. I like both the classics of the genre and contemporary authors. Some of them I know personally, thanks to the annual international festival of fantastic literature “The Star Bridge” (1999 – 2013, Kharkov).


I like to travel. During my life, I visited dozens of countries around the world. I even thought about a round-the-world trip. I have not realized this dream yet, but I will do it someday for sure. The world is different, and the journeys make it visible and educate you. It is necessary to look at your life from different points and angles of view – it makes you wiser.

The photo

It’s never too late to be surprised. To be surprised by the world, nature, people. The only thing left from our childhood is the opportunity to marvel at Beauty spontaneously. It is the beauty that is the driving force of modern society. We need to be surprised. This fortifies a person in a fight against the bustle of everyday life.


I’m very keen on sports and to change the writing desk for table tennis is absolutely no problem for me so far. I like watching football and playing it, but lately, unfortunately, I did not have a chance to do it. I’m a fan of the Milan “Inter” and, of course, of the Kharkov football teams.