The court ordered Mikhail Saakashvili to retract false information about Arsen Avakov

Arsen Avakov: Getting 83 new generation cars Mitsubishi Outlander for NPU is a result of a discount in a contract with Mitsubishi Motors Co under the Kyoto Protocol

Today, on May 14, the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, together with the Minister-Counselor of the Japanese Embassy in Ukraine, handed over to the patrol police 83 latest-generation Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV vehicles. Delivery of these cars produced in 2019 resulted from an additional agreement with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation on a 13% discount to the Agreement on the supply of cars for the National Police of Ukraine under the Kyoto Protocol.  The discount agreement was signed in December 2016 initiated... more

The Ministry of Internal Affairs returns the stolen canvas of Paul Signac “The port of La Rochelle” to France

Today, on April 23, the Minister of Internal Affairs handed to the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of France to Ukraine Isabelle Dumont the picture of Paul Signac "The port of La Rochelle” (1915), which was stolen by Ukrainian criminals from the museum of Nancy (France). Soon the canvas will return to the museum. The Paul Signac painting "The port of La Rochelle" (1915), worth 1.5 million euros, was stolen from the museum of the French city of Nancy last year. ... more

Arsen Avakov: We have ensured fair and safe elections – this means a new culture of the electoral process!

The Ministry of Internal Affairs handled the tasks it faced: there were no mass violations of public order, and the minor electoral violations recorded did not affect the election results.  The Minister of Internal Affairs is confident that the MIA staff will be able further to provide for calm and order in the country.  He stated this on April 21, 2019, during a meeting with international observers. Before the meeting with the Minister, international experts familiarized themselves with the work... more

Arsen Avakov: Good performance of the criminal investigation department is the foundation of the public safety service

The Minister of the Internal Affairs said it today, on April 15, during the ceremony of awarding of criminal investigation officers on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the service. “The work of the service is based on three principles: dedication, loyalty to the Ukrainian people and courage.  For most employees, the criminal investigation is their life, a system of values ​​and priorities.  We are a team here. A team of like-minded people, where everyone secures... more

Arsen Avakov: The presidential election should not be a life-changing event

Arsen Avakov published an essay "Without hatred!" where he analyzes the level of the political confrontation of candidates before the second round of presidential elections and draws attention to the inadmissibility of the radicalization of society. The politician posted this essay on his Facebook page. Just in the first few minutes, the post received half a thousand "likes" from its readers. Without hate! Arsen Avakov Seven days till the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine. The aggressiveness of the... more